Wrapped up in the classics: Literary apparel & accessories for your bookish life by Storiarts

Storiarts logo

If you’re a book lover and haven’t heard of Storiarts by now then you are living under a rock, because their popularity is skyrocketing.

I noticed the small company when I found their online Etsy store, which still exists alongside their regular website now, and fell in love with their literary scarves product line. They have significantly expanded since then, offering winter and summer versions of their scarves, gloves, headbands, t-shirts, and even pillow covers. A husband-and-wife team, there is a lot of dedication that goes into making these stylish accessories that are an ode to classic literature. If you want to see how it is done, you can click here, where the crew behind the magic demonstrate how they make these amazing scarves, transferring the words we love into wearable items.

Storiarts Persuasion ScarfMy one issue with Storiarts: choosing what to purchase! There is so much to love, and when you’re a fan of the classics, the choice becomes even more of a dilemma. Finally, during one of their first-time-ever sales, I took the plunge and made a decision. I bought the light-weight summer scarf featuring a passage from Jane Austen’s last novel, and my favourite, Persuasion. You can see the scarf here and the passage it has written on it (the most beautiful words a man has ever written when professing his love, in my opinion). The best part is I can wear it all year round and with practically anything. It is the perfect accessory to my wardrobe, whether I’m dressing up or down for the day. I especially find it flattering when combined with a summer dress.

Having received quite the compliments, I am now greedily eyeing the gloves and headband options. The t-shirt line, while only having the option of Pride and Prejudice at the moment, is also very eye-catching, featuring Darcy and Elizabeth strolling down a path, but not just any path—a path made up of words from the book itself. You can see my dilemma of wanting to immediately discard my strict budget and go wild. It is quite the mental battle! I love reading and I love the books I read, so I definitely like the idea of flaunting it around my neck, head, and hands.

Storiarts literary apparelRefined and absolutely gorgeous to behold, I definitely recommend checking Storiarts out if you haven’t already done so. Made to look like the book itself with its creamy hue and its stark black calligraphy, you will not be disappointed by the package you receive in the mail.

After all, who doesn’t want to look good while reading?

You can find their website here.