At home with Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro

A couple of days ago Margaret Atwood interviewed Alice Munro on Google+ Hangout, her first live appearance since winning the Nobel Prize. Anyone around the world could tune in for the chance to see this unedited chat between best friends.

Random House is always great at providing its fans with new media and VIP access to authors and author content, and the publicity and marketing staff took it one step further by giving readers around the world the chance to have a live onscreen view of the Novel prize-winning short story writer everyone has been dying to see since the groundbreaking announcement: Alice Munro.

Despite some whiplash flipping back and forth between video feeds, somewhat poor video quality (at least on Atwood’s end, unfortunately), and the usual technical difficulties, the Google Hangout was a hit with 572 live viewers. I’m sure plenty more have tuned in after the fact now that Random House has uploaded the recorded conversation to YouTube.

The conversation lasted approximately 18 minutes with Atwood asking Munro a variety of questions that probably only she could ask and receive an open and honest response to, such as why Munro’s love for short stories, her response past hate mail, and what she thinks of the accusation that her characters aren’t likeable enough.

Readers are often in awe of the authors they adore, making them out to be superhuman or something along those lines. Not so, as Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood prove through their very down-to-earth and human banter about people, books, and writing, with all the familiar idiosyncrasies of everyday life.

The video, which you can conveniently view above in this blog post, is therefore a fun and intimate glimpse into the friendship of two of Canada’s most prolific writers. Well worth tuning in for old and new fans alike!