Books on shirts. Shirts on a mission: Out of Print Clothing

20140413_204437Out of Print Clothing is a stock favourite for my one-stop shop needs when it comes to book themed items. While I’ve only bought one shirt from them so far, I have no doubt my collection will continue to grow.

Out of Print’s products specialize in the literary classics, with the additional book that just has a great cover and is awesome in general, if not considered among the canons. But if it is a canon of literature, Out of Print probably sells it in a variety of fun forms: t-shirts, long sleeves, jewellery, pouches, tote bags, coasters, and even phone cases. It is book nerd/English major heaven.

Dana Francoeur in a Jane Eyre t-shirt from Out of Print ClothingAs you can see, I purchased the Jane Eyre t-shirt. Asking me to choose a favourite book is nearly impossible, but Jane Eyre is definitely up there. What also won me over to the shirt was the whimsical illustration. Not only do we have Jane’s wind-blown figure, but we have Mr. Rochester riding his magnificent steed in the background, foreshadowing their inevitable first meeting near the beginning of the book (see images above for a better view). An absolutely stunning display anyone would be proud to clothe themselves in, especially me.

On top of having an amazing line of clothing to choose from, for men, women, and kids alike, Out of Print also has a great mission behind its love of wearing book covers. Acknowledging the fact that not everyone has access to all the great book we so easily take for granted, Out of Print works alongside Books for Africa to make a difference and literally spread the word! For each product sold, Out of Print donates one book to a community in need. Therefore, not only is Out of Print assisting all of us in our book obsession, but we are also providing funding for a good cause in the process. Money well spent, I say! It especially works well as a go-to gift idea for that book maniac in your life, whether it’s a sibling or a significant other.

So if you’re a fan of Jane Austen, Scott Fitzgerald, or Charles Dickens then check out Out of Print’s website and see what other authors’ books they have made wearable. It is worth the look and worth the purchase if you love books and love doing some good at the same time.

After all, isn’t it a “feel good” spoil yourself at the same time kind of day?


These are the two goodies I have my eye on now. Aren’t they just splendid!? The one to the left is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (there is also a t-shirt version of this in two different colours) and the one to the right is Little Woman by Louisa Marie Alcott (I just adore how she is made up of smaller women in the print!).

Out of Print clothing