The trendy orange penguin: The Penguin Group collection

The Penguin collectionThere is hardly anything more iconic in the book industry than the book product line put out by Penguin Group with its patented black and white penguin encapsulated by a bright orange border. Almost everywhere, you can see people drinking, toting, or writing in some Penguin branded item. Penguin certainly knows how to appeal to the collectors’ impulse to match everything.

lost girl penguin passport case

However, their products are also a great way to advertise your love for a certain title or your love for Penguin books in general! The books are also chosen thematically with titles such as On The Road and The Lost Girl used on passport cases and luggage tags. Highly appropriate, don’t you think?

great gatsby bagA favourite title of mine is The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald, a classic book that saw a new growth in popularity with last year’s release of Baz Luhrmann’s film The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire (side note: I loved Leo as Gatsby, but I wasn’t sold on the “modern” music used to redefine the Jazz Age). Joining the revitalized frenzy, I purchased my first Penguin product separate from my usual book purchases: a Great Gatsby tote bag with the signature Penguin cover. It has since been my go-to bag for lugging my lunches and notepads to and from internships.

Although the bag is now showing the wear and tear of its use, I still receive many compliments and questions of where I purchased it, whether I’m getting off a train or walking down the street. One woman literally stopped her bike to tell me about how her husband bought her The Lost Girl Penguin luggage tags as a gift, and how she has loved them to pieces ever since.

I love how books and a well-known brand can bring people, even strangers, together even if only for a moment. While my tote bag remains solo to this day, I definitely have aspirations to decorate my travelling items with Penguin accessories in the future and literally show the world, I’m a proud book lover.

If you’re interested in joining the hundreds of Penguin followers and show your Penguin love, you can purchase anything from The Penguin Collection on the Penguin US website, and various items from the collection are often available at your local and university bookstores and any Indigo locations.